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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  October 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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♪ lou: token, everybody. this friday night. to you know where your congressman is? chances are if you're she has good longest ride on the floor of the house of representatives because gun forusiness or no, a few hardy souls are still letting the other side that it whether the other side is there not. to rich edson that the kaplans is what they're doing down there. >> you can go up any time you want and talk for as long as you want which is to let anything you one.
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tomorrow will be legislative movement on a bill that would give federal workers who have been furloughed of back pay that it will sign. and so of the dozen or so bills the house republicans already passed, this is the one that the administration and democrats a fictive a signal that they are open to which is led to a number of house republicans say they want to pay the government workers but they won't open the national park to find cancer researcher things like that. the big story also today was lunch. president obama and the vice-president taking a walk from the white house. a lot of security involved in that, to have lunch. in that president obama said that if only the speaker would put a bill to fund the government on the house floor that it would pass and would fund the government and that is the only way that we get out of this. to that the speaker says, no, the congress here on the house side will continue to pass smaller bills that fund certain
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specific portions of the government, not one large bill that funds the entire government . they refuse to take his bills up or if it does it will reject them. the impasse continues with the signal in sight then it will be ending anytime soon. neil: the very fact that they found common ground, making sure that the compensation delayed or otherwise or for some of federal workers that seem to break a little bit of a logjam. >> it did. and then you have republicans criticizing the move. they welcomed it in that it is a proposal that the white house says sign-on to and says that it will sign, but they say why not sign the other smaller bills. we found ourselves arguing over the same thing we have been arguing over. neil: all right. thank you. in the meantime,. >> it is particularly unfortunate that the republican congress has brought us to this
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juncture. this republican shut down did not have to happen. >> republican leaders in washington that the ideology has common sense which republicans in congress just to shut down the federal government. >> republicans are following a very explicit strategy. >> republicans and house of representatives refused to fund the government. neil: well, they do sound similar. president obama and clinton on this idea. dick armey was there for the last go around with president clinton. majority leader at the time. you know, it is a matter of how it is perceived and how long it drags on. that last,ou know, rise of less than one in three weeks. what you think of this one? >> well, it is just as bad a position for the republicans as we were in '95. we had that debate. that was supposed to shuing down the government. the argument that i made was america thinks republicans don't
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like government. therefore america is going to blame republicans when the government shuts down. democrats like government. it is incongruous to the country to think that they were shut it down. w, the thing that is most tragically different from 95 with this shutdown is we hav now spent every day since the first of october talking about government shut down and hal nasty, mean the republicans are without the shut down we would have been talking about the national debate, what about how bad is obamacare. neil: with everyone to say busted by overplaying their hand every budgeby complaining about the fallout from the shutdown. they had to know that there are going to be a lot of ink amises to many, including visiting some of our favorite shrines in asia the government down. they claim the shock it is.
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>> he had it right. first of all, you cannot -- you cannot threaten stopping somebody with something that they know is a blessing in their life. the democrat the best thing that happened to them is they did not have to have a national debate on october 1st under obamacare. they had been dreading for two or three years. all the sudden the republican says, let's change the subject and make us the bad guys instead of president obama. this guy who just two weeks ago ended up being the bad cop to the russians president could, now has positioned himself as the good cop. neil: well, he has the pr upper hand. you get enough for both sides. i name sources that there are kind of either enjing it are not enjoying it. the fact of the matter is that is never tied a partisan venture something like this to drag on. that was pretty much the conclusion of bill clinton in '95 and '96 and yours as well. many say the same.
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how do you think you will get around this? what do you think will be the final means by which they move on? >> well, here is a valid get it. eventually at some points in a related the republicans are going to concede to the democrats. why? because the democrats are advantaged by this configuration they are never going to give it up. this is there being off the hook. now, here is a deal. you're not going to belie this, but there has been a timer to in my lifetime when i screwed up riley. i had done the wrong thing. and i have found that when you have done that, as a stand up and say, you know, i should not have done that. thus unto it. neil: republicans and to say, we screwed up. let's move on. neil: okay. >> short. >> the nation will always forgive you if he's sick mice grew up. should not have done that. the sun to it and get on with the realists.
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and then -- and by the way, i want the republicans to fight. the difference between me and a lot people, want them to fight and win. the republicans. neil: a lot of moderate. this wasn't the way to go. well, you might be right. neil: the perfect vehicle. >> we shall see. it is always a pleasure, sir. all right. fair and balanced. we do have a lot coming to model is sicily paid government workers during the shutdown. democratic congresswoman, very good to have you. what is your sense, when this is going and how long it drags on? tomorrow's vote on paying the workers furloughed notwithstanding. >> well, tomorrow it will have strong support on the democratic side to help these families pay their mortgages and rant that are out of work. you could pass this.
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thirty minutes if the speaker would bring a clean continuing resolution to the congress and have an up or down vote. over 180 democrats have signed a letter saying that they would vote for a ccean sierra. and republicans in a sense one because they got the number that they wanted which was well below the $72 billion less than what the leader reid wanted. neil: but the overall budget in funding, to get to this next town. but what some in your party, it is still high. and -- but not high enough. abolish republicans is that it is above this sequestration levels. so they feel that that would be bad for them. how do you reconcile this difference? >> i would say put it on the floor and have a vote. 180 democrats have signed a letter that they would vote for their clean cr. we have also filed a motion to
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discharge. it will take seven days to mature to try to get a bill on the floor. we can get a vote on a quasi are. republicans can say yes to their own victory. they got the number that they wanted. neil: as you know, this might have been a clumsy means by which to get your wish. i think even dick armey said more ls the same, but i am wondering now whether some democrats privately worry that the longer this drags on the size the fact of the government and the conomy, the worse it could look for them. a flip side to this is that a lot of people finding out it is not the end of the world when the government shut down and we're finding out that there are a lot of nonessential government employees and apparently nonessential agencies when they are stripped to their basic, you know, services and skeletal staff. that might boomerang against democratto argue for more spending. >> well, i don't know anyone who wants to close down the
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government. overwhelming, the polls show the majority of republicans and democrats to not want to close down the government. neil: you don't buy this unnamed sour of the white house the reportedly says the longer this go on -- i think you get the gist of it. >> oh, i think that it is very damaging to republicans. because number one, people do not support trying to defunund obamacare, the affordable care acts or put off the data of its enactment in tying it to closing down the budget. this was reaffirmed by the supreme court. neil: are you worried. >> the law of the land. neil: draw the necessary intention for the health care law that a lot of americans don't quite grasp. they see a lot of problems, bumpy start. so in no way a ce serving republicans who have had nothing more than remind americans of
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their problems. you have problems. >> well,l, if there are buses ae problems, let's open up the governments of them and move forward. this is hurting our economy. they have said that within four days we will lose 2 percent of the gdp. it goes on for several weeks. they predict that we will lose percentage points. we cannot even get the jobs numbers. we should be working on manufacturing jobs, not manufacturing a crisis. this is a self-inflicted crisis. believe me, there are enough out there without stirring up was that we don't need to have. neil: and in your debt, congressman, in your gut lng think this last? >> well, i hope that next week we will meet and vote on a clean c.r. and move forward. if not we are going to be pushing up to the debt ceiling on october 17th. that is dangerous with a fragile economy. some economists say this puts us back into a recession which we could lose the dollar as a
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reserve currency for the first time. the full faith and credit of the nuys states would not be honored. the markets would fall. most people believe that we would not be crazy enough to do such a catastrophic thing for our economy. neil: we have been at the brink before. he will see what happens, congresswoman. thank you for staying late. we appreciated. >> thank you. neil: all right. that date that the congressman was referring to, the time when the treasury secretary says it will be added that if, down just 30 million ourself. that is it tough. many argue that that number is actually tell lucy busey and could be moreike a torch 20th. bottom line, we are running of money and time which was essentially what the filibuster was all about. that 21 hour filibuster. you know, he came out in the eyes of the mainstream media looking like a crazy guy. that woman on the left, when the
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davis, she filibustered for 13 hours plus over an abortion measure she, too, was essentially fighting a no-win battle. but she became a hero, and now she is running for texas governor. what is the present texas governor think about that? rick perry. ♪ so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat seech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it'a ng story. well, not having branches
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(vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. >> that's why today i am proud to announce my candidacy to be the 48th governor of this great state. neil: wendy davis is running for governor of texas pvc got a big jump and a big reaction and the big and a girl from the mainstream media after a 13 hour texas equivalent of a filibuster . protesting an abortion measure that ultimately went on as expected, but she made a statement. at the time, last week, 21 hours for the filibuster in to make a point about the health care law
6:17 pm
and what a waste of time it was and how should be refunded. you could argue about either the politicians wanted you, why did we make crews out to be insane? i mean, what is the difference? let's ask texas governor rick perry's joins me now. governor, what do you make of that? ms. davis, all well and good, but she clearly is the mainstream media enticing candid. in not did it. >> not in the mainstream of texas' stock. i am for greg rick folbaum, a very strong, pro-life, pros second amendment, just a great attorney general for the state of texas. they will have the opportunity to talk about their vision for our state. i will suggest to you that the last ten years leading the
6:18 pm
nation in the creation of jobs, the last ten years in a 30% of von's of st. america were created texas. neil: now, the longest serving record. the econoc when ty your back. no one denies. i guess i just find this a clear double standard. every political point of view. why would she feel as a hero and he is zero? both were arguing in chambers with the other party held the cards, both where the chief executive a your case, in texas, president obama's case nationally. they held all the advantage in nothing was gog to move. the kneele was not going to move. she moved people. he turned people off. we know that was not the case, but i am just saying, it is a double standard. >> and sorry to say it and not necessarily agree with the analysis there but that is what happened to be in the state of texas we had clearly people far
6:19 pm
protecting the life and the people in the state of exas overwhelmingly. neil: you don't think this she has a shot at becoming governor? >> i think it is of very difficult task for someone that is as farut of the mainstream as wendy davis is to be successful being elected governor of texas. this election is going to be about who has a vision for continuing taxes on the path to be the most successful job creation state in america. and i cs test grad and it is the person who will continue with policies on taxes and regulation and stopping frivolous lawsuits and continuing to have accountable public-school is. as the reason the folks out in orange county, by the way, are laugher said to tell you love. he is helping us out. the people in orange county california get it when it comes to how you create a climate of competition. and that is what these governors races are really going to be about.
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neil: i think they are about all. i always thought you could come back and say, the longest serving governor in the country and to say, you know, but that is just me. but i do think that there is a disconnect between what the washington crowd, what they are into and what average toaster into. so that is the argument over the government shut down, if you got my weighing in on that in this trap the republicans are going to get the blame for bringing it to a halt. the counter argument is, we are hearing from our base, and a fine the government itself and the way we go about things and endorsing and rubberstamp and more spending, that is really what is bothering them. that is not showing up in polls. you agree? >> i think americans, republicans or democrats, government to function properly. and they are looking to washington d.c. and seeing dysfunction. they're looking to the state capitals and seeing places, in
6:21 pm
most cases, where it is working. washington is not where people look for solutions anymore, and that is a shame. washington should do a few things and do them well and then let it dispersed back to the states to be where the bulk of the innovation and experimentation really work. and that is what our founding fathers meant for us to do. and so blue state versus red state policies, i think it's a great conversation and is of the reasons americans for economic freedom is founded. dr. laugher and others, being on the board and helping to push that conversation across this country. americans by and large going to say, you know what, we really like the idea of job creation pier you can take better care of your family. and the washington mentality is, we are going to count success by how many people are on government subsistence, government assistance. and governors, success by how many people have a job and can't
6:22 pm
take care of their families. neil: that could be the final pattern commonality in side crashes saying. so we will see. t governor, it is always great having you want. thank you very much. neil, right. you have to remember, wherever we have sequestration cuts, whenever washington shuts down, it sometimes seems within a nanosecond of an aberrant event that is blamed on the shutdown, on that sequestration cut. sheila jackson within hours of the d.c. car chases shooting, she might have taken it to all new level. new level. after any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too.
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neil: all right. what, a little more than an
6:26 pm
hour-and-a-half after the shooting in the car chase thing went down in washington democratic lawmaker sheila jackson lee was saying this. >> rather than respond in a way that leaves 8,000 federal employees unemployed and god knows the tragedy of this poor person who came on the hill in a black car, no one knows what could drive this person to do this. but what i would say to you is, let's get our wheels back on, serve the american people, bring them back, though for a bill today that will open the government. neil: all right. well, shut down or no, this woman was certifiable. and she is of the congressman, talking about the woman involved in the incident in washington for. effect of the matter is gile when you attach and assign blame just as washington's mayor did after the navy yard shootings two weeks earlier and say that well, security was compromised because of sequestration cuts, neither was proven to be the case. in fact, not remotely.
6:27 pm
nevertheless, does that matter? it just makes the case. his last spokesperson, that is my concern.3 can be against the government shut down. a lot of republicans are saying, this is gone way too far, but then to attach and design, you know, crazy events to that, it is beyond the pale, doesn't it? neil: washington is on hpv don't get me wrong. the government shut down, and when these incidents happen tickets everyone is a panic mode. really and truly, sheila jackson lee is known for her awkward sort of far reaching statements. she called the tea party years part of the complex plan. she said that hurricane names are lily white and should be more african-american like. i mean, she makes these comments the system makes sen. i have to tell you, democrats are feeling exhausted, exasperated. we saw this with senator reid many and an interview with cnn reporter dan-recess, why would i
6:28 pm
want to take care of ione child cancer patient? so again, i think that it is putting a lot of stress on all of the congressman, but in particular the democrats because of the fact that they are just cross in their arms and refusing to talk with republicans. neil: well, republicans did kind of produces pickle. i can understand. but the one thing that will say, we have to get data this. is this the kind of language that is going to foster that? >> of course not. look, i was on twitter yesterday , just trying to find out what was happening to my friends on the cital. i saw a lot of ridiculous tweets by house republicans. there is ridiculousness on both sides of the party. helter-skelter did not cause charlie manson to kill sharon tate and the government shut down did not have anything to do with it. your previous guest said it exactly right. this plan that republicans have,
6:29 pm
you know, led by takers and the rockies and the radicals, it cannot work. they're looking for some lifeline to get out of it. this is a plan of republican making in is been a disaster. neil: but you could argue that democrats folding their arms in the president and main sources saying that unless this is actually openness, no one is helping their cause right now. >> i agree. there is nobody helping the cause. sounds like the president is more like the head of the democratic national committee and the is the president of all people. i mean, there is where we need the parent in the room. step up to the plate and bring the two parties together and negotiate. neil: we have to up but the theatrics down. i think both sides do. and you are quite right about that. but the comments and the republicans are being none see comments, and the democrats season and is insane this woman would not have done effectively what she did it not for the shut
6:30 pm
down, that is all the congressmen say, they'll have to shut up. >> but let me say this. i think he is a good man. i think he wants to deal. the president wants to deal. in the end. reed wants to deal, but you have to take the affordable care act of the table. there is now negotiating position for between kill obamacare and let it live. neil the president delayed a number ofeatures about that. this is a holy grail. >> but they're is a difference, huge difference. neil: if you are delaying it, that is one thing. >> to align with the intent to implement as another. neil: we will watch closely. in the meantime, joining us tomorrow to talk a little bit more about this. it kicks off at 10:00 a.m. eastern time on fox news channel also, we will have republican senator might be joining us, the former treasury secretary of the united states. many, many more as we try to look at this situation that is
6:31 pm
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guys, this is not -- d like it? >> no, thank you. neil: and theresident the united states. come on. no wonder he was stepping -- skipping across the street. former senator scott brown. he would feel great thanks for the president of the united states relegated to ordering out we say this to make a point. this shutdown is having all sorts of implications. what you think of where we stand now and how the president is trying to say i, too, and feeling. >> first of all, i wonder if the coach of trying to send a message indicating that everybody up there. neil: i did not think of that. >> that is why you have me here. neil: indeed. bottom line, they should go out and support the businesses. >> and when the president says it is the republicans' fault, with all due respect to the president, it is everybody's fault.
6:36 pm
the way until last minute to do anything up there. when they do it's all the posturing in control. neil: did they overdo it trying to leverage this? many argue if the goal was the same, it was not the vehicle with which to make your point. and now republicans are on the defense. >> listen, we are always on defense. we are not the majority party. so harry reid controls the senate. the president controls the agenda. he can go in the rose garden and the people around him. as we all know, the medical device tax is crushing businesses. eighty senators already want to get rid of it. there are changes that absolutely positively need to be made. neil: but they're not doing it. it's close. now they can't do it, now they're not even entertaining one adjustment for. that is kind of weird.
6:37 pm
>> listen, you need to people at tango perry gave to sit down a room and hammer things out. the fact that the president is not even negotiating to the democrats are not comg to the table. dog and pony show wh the republican showing up and no one across from him. everyone is to start acting like adults. they need to solve the people's business. that is what people send their leaders there do, get together and comep with common-sense solutions. that is with tip o'neill and ronald reagan did. neil: and nell. polls mean nothing, but the sentiment right now is that republicans are getting certainly the shorter end of the pr stick with this. you know, do you think that is a worry and that it is going to affect the midterm elections? will we be over this and on to other matters? >> it is hard to say obviously. i am not concerned about next year. i am concerned about my sister was laid off and others. bottom line is geithner is a
6:38 pm
solution. we do have obviously some reserves botanical the fort knox and the money that fannie and freddie ellis and other monies. we have enough money probably to last until november 1st. they're probably going to tie everything in between the continuing resolution, funding the government, and the debt ceiling. $17 trillion national debt. we are in deep trouble. the posturing is not helping. many people to start to getting to vote their parties in the futures and focus on what is give for the american future right now. neil: always good seeing you. we would have served you some turkey chili if you were here. your loss. >> of belle isle to mrs. right now. neil: are lost. the can't even identify. neil: all right. many have been arguing that congress is theroblem. i want you to meet the top economist who says, you have to reverse. the president is a problem. coress is a solution.
6:39 pm
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it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >> you don't negotiate of putting a gun to the other person said. >> they demand that ransoms is for doing their job. >> and now they're gone beyond just holding congress hostage. they're all in all country hostage for. neil: congress is getting a bad rap. my friend describ it. you have it the other way around , mr. president. the congress is actually a great inspiration here. explain. >> well, the president might want to take some time, put up his feet, grabbed up a bowl of turkey chili and up and up to congress -- the constitution that he swore tophold that look at article one section eight which lays out the powers of the united states congress in regards to spending and borrowing.
6:43 pm
it is perfectly clear that those powers are entirely legislative powers. especially with an emphasis on the house of representatives, the lower house. there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to negotiate with the president. in fact, we created a congress precisely as a buttress against presidents who began attacks like gangs and want to spend without paying any attention to the economy. that is why the founders -- i went back and read madison's notes on the constitions and the others. we know why they did that. they did it precisely for moments ike this when spending is out of control sohat that little house of representatives which is the branch oses to the people is able to stop someone as powerful as the president from overspending. neil: two things. madison never had to eat turkey chili. secondly, secondlyavy. wouldn't this have been
6:44 pm
envisioned to kamal we seeing now, in other words, shut down the government. what our creators of liked that? >> yes. yes, i think article one was written exactly for presence like the spirit look of what the founders sought is from the english history, came as always on monday. they always want wars, welfare, power. in what happened with the magnet carter, the fight of a magnet carter was the people settled on a second. if you want our money where not going to leave it up to you to decide what the taxes will be. if you want our money we need a house of commons. our congress is simply the same idea. elected english history as other presidents would want to become kings. so they put in their house of commons to consider the president and i don't care how powerful you are, how persuasive, how much you insult us, this of a group of people that is closest to the people to my elections every two years can say no to you and there's nothing you can do about it. that is a beautiful thing.
6:45 pm
neil: it is interesting perspective. twist on things, but you're interested guy. >> i am. going back to first principles. maybe the president ought to leave off. east turkey chili. the body politic is up with gas. neil: to shape. and by. and of a smart guy. warren buffett has likened the impending death fight to light plane with a nuclear bombs. ♪ um... where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles. [ al] whoa. yeah. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles from the capital one venture card. you're the world's best teacher.
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this is so unexpected. what's in your wallet?
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6:48 pm
>> something about whether you -- the promise of the united states government to be below the world as well as the
6:49 pm
citizens just makes no sense. it ought to be banned as a weapon. it should be like a nuclear bomb. neil: all right. warren buffett and his friend, very, very opposed to this debt ceiling issue. we should equate that they are not the same. if you don't phrase immediately that you automatically default. u.s. mine. come right. keith is zero. you know, that is an important distinction. yes, you are playing with fire, but you are not automatically saying that if you don't increase it right away or if it is delay substantially that you default. it is a choice that a president makes. >> exactly. no one is going to be defaultin on american debts. we will still stated goal standard, pay our debts on like a lot of countries in the past four. a problem here with a nuclear weapons analogy is seated not go far enough. nuclear-weapons have kept as peaceful in europe when it was the u.s. verses the ussr.
6:50 pm
nuclear-weapons insured we did not get into a shooting war. if you would just take a little bit further and said, mr. president, you need to negotiate with congress. they have the power of the purse . >> no, he was not going to say that. obviously the technical issue here is that if you don't make good on a bond interest payment that everything is the fan. so then it comes time to prioritize of we're only going to be in a debt ceiling situation where we get only a few bills, we have to put that of top. when any president of either party either risk in such a situation not making good on those debt payments first? >> you know, in the past i would have said there is no president in his right mind to would never risk something like this. but i don't think we're playing with anybody in their right mind in washington right now. this is childish and an outrage and an embarrassment in the rest of the world. i agree that the nuclear bomb analogy did not go far enough because the mutually assured destruction seems to be the
6:51 pm
inevitability of state of texas 56 insight fail-safe. everyone thinks it will never come to this and then it does. the issue on this roughly the same subject. the presence in the the economy is in parallel right now. >> as republicans and downtrends our economy and is a drag. gosar economies staggered. >> hurt our econom >> of the entire economy hostage and put our economy or people through this and the longer. neil: he was also saying earlier , he has been surprised that the markets have not reacted more than they have, almost scenting of a market crash. but what do you think of that? is that a proper role for the presiden to scare people? >> no, and there is no reason for him to be. the economy is not in trouble yet. saying it could be. >> well, it could be if obamacare does in all alike. we have the individual mandate this year and in the business mandate the stores next year. that is going to happen.
6:52 pm
>> that is going to hurt the economy more. in this continuing resolution, that situation, that is where the problem is going to b as long as the fed keeps injecting a trillion dollars a year, 85 billion a month to kow we are okay market lies. economy lies it is still small business is not going to be impacted by government spending so much as large multinationals. neil: you know, the president, obviously he has a strong point of view. is was stupid for republicans to do. you can go back and forth. while i think the president has be careful, he is almost like a chairman of the federal reserve for. you don't want to say anything to rile folks. so when the president of the united states says some kind of surprised the markets are not more volatile of warwhat he says, it will have a damaging effect on the economy, it might might not be the case. i just don't think as a leader of the free world you should be
6:53 pm
making that suppose it case. that is all i'm saying. >> i agree. i don't think you should. you know what, you should be acting like a leader. he's doing is acting like a petulant child and saying, i'm not going to negotiate. he needs -- he has an ideal opportunity to do what j.p. morgan did in 1907 with the knickerbocker just pure luck everyone and his library and some commuters will market dinner, you will not go to bed until you figure this out. i think he has the opportunity to act like a leader. unfortunately i don't believe you will. neil: what do you think? >> he has not acted much like a leader lately and is really not a united. is more of a divided. neil: deasy is getting soft? >> no, but i see it all rolled up. somewhere around the 17th to the 21st things will come together. neil: thank you. >> that is optimistic. neil: i hope is not, but we shall see.
6:54 pm
demint, the very latest now rom washington with rich edson on what they're doing. are they still yapping on the floor? i see kilobars. someone must have to put up the color bars. is there a color bars, like, no, sergeant of arms are something, sergeant of color bars? i will stop. ♪ the ocean gets warmer. the peruvian anchovy harvest suffers. it raises the price of fishmeal, cattle feed and beef. bny mellon turns insights like these into powerful investment strategies. for a university endowment. it funds a marine biologist... whstudies the peruvian anchovy. invested in the world. bny mellon. customer erin swenson ordebuthey didn't
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neil: all right. we're going to go live to washington right now or we are told they're moving like crazy. all right. well, maybe not. they're not dng anything right now. you can bet someone this. one of those buildings. trying to do something. i think the you know that they are. all right. to rich edson. nbc with the latest.
6:58 pm
your work. >> it's an early morning. 930 tomorrow. that is nearly morning. neil: what a they going to do? >> this proposal, this bill that would give federal employees to have been furloughed back pay whenever the government figures and so found. it is something that president obama has signaled he is going to sign. of the dozen bills to fund pieces of the government, the democrats have rejected. this one tomorrow has a chance of actually passing. >> she sat me down. you just a jaded, cynical young man. suppt that argument this does not herald m more cooperation. >> i am cynical. i have been around here for a few years and it is hard. i used to be so optimistic. you know, i think there is not
6:59 pm
yet a pressure or an appetite between democrats or among democrats or republicans actually compromise on something here. both sides feel as though they're getting these small little political victories. for republicans is the white house, some anonymous "saying that they are winning. polls show, number of polls show that americans largely blame republicans over democrats. not so much that they feel compelled that they have to move on this. it is likely there will move this right up until the debt ceiling. it could end up being a pro when neil: i don't share your jaded views. i will work on a book. to that. give them turkey chili. thank you, my friend. we are monitoring this. these are our special guests
7:00 pm
live on the news channel from ten a.m. to noon. we figur that we are going to work weekends, even if they are not or are not really into this. it is our side of the country to my >> it may surprise you, we had numerous shutdown, two in the clinton years, we're talking government and media overreaction right here right no now. >> thanks for joining us. here's what i have at the top of the stack. we have seen numerous shutdowns in our history t. media right now hysterical and for punishment or i don't know plain theater, the government not only ying to turn away veterans from the world war ii memorial, why they turned off the panda